Harris Jayaraj : Biography

Name:J.Harris Jayaraj
DOB: 8 January 1975
birth Place:Chennai
Father:S.M. Jayakumar
Kids:Nicholas,Karen Nikita


Harris Jayaraj (born January 8, 1975) is a music composer from Tamil cinema. He has written scores and soundtracks and played music for many Tamil films, as well as Telugu and Hindi films. He lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Over a period of six years, Jayaraj has established himself as one of the leading composers in South India.

Early Life

Harris Jayaraj was born into a pious Christian Nadar family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He studied at the Krishnasamy Matric School, Chennai and later obtained a music degree in Trinity College of Music, London, England. His father, S.M. Jayakumar, is a film guitarist who later became a noted Indian musician and composer.

In Music

Having been a part of various troupes under dynamic music directors, as a keyboard player, he could bring out his best to their satisfaction.

Harris geared himself up to know the knack of sound engineering and other aspects of Music. While playing keyboard for other music directors, he happened to meet Gautam Menon who wanted Harris to score jingle for his commercial along with Cameraman R. D. Rajashekhar.

Their friendship continued and one day Gautam placed an offer in front of Harris to score for his debut Movie Minnale. Not sure of what the outcome may be, both of them ventured into it giving their best. This made heads turn towards him when Minnale went on to become a musical-cum-commercial hit.