Kavithai Gundar - Tamil Rap Album

Album Name : Kavithai Gundar
Direction by: Emcee Jesz and Sara
Cratches by: Dj Jolly
Mixed by: Gaurav Dayal
Mastered by: Tony Dawsey, Masterdisk, New York
Released Date:19 May,2009
Year : 2009

Kavithai Gundar is a Tamil hip hop music album. After the success of "Vallavan" performed by Yogi B, Dr.Burn and Emcee Jesz, Emcee Jesz alone made this Tamil Hip Hop album. This album was performed by many artists even his previous album's singer Yogi B sung a song in this album.

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Intro Vetri Kalainjan
Kavithai Gundar Feat. Yogi B
Thaniye (Mumbai) Feat. Neha Bhasin
Bad Boy Feat. MC Loga & Sara
Without You Feat. Mista Gee
Vel Vel Feat. Masta K, Kalai Kodi & Sara
Chahathey (Hindi) Feat. Neha Bhasin
Enna Sangathy Feat. Shamini
Khadal Kaviyeh Feat. Mista Gee and MC Loga
Aayutha Ezuthu Feat. Psycho Mantra & Dayal
Look Wat Happened (HIV) N/A
Nuvu (Telugu) Feat. Neha Bhasin
Uptown Feat. Young Ruff

About Kavithai Gundar:

Studio 8 production & records having created an important network has associated with a multi commercial genre album ‘Kavithai Gundar’ (Lyrical Gangster) under the direction of Malaysian hip hop artist Emcee Jesz. Rising from the ashes of the 2006 ‘Vallavan’ which was nominated for best non Malay album, Emcee Jesz has set off solo this time with his solid experience acquired internationally. ‘Kavithai Gundar’ can be marked as the first international Tamil hip hop solo album to hit the mainstream international market after the trio album ‘Vallavan’, which sold more then 10,000 copies in Chicago, Toronto, India, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

They reviewed the industry and put themselves in the listener’s shoes to see what could make it better and equivalent to International standards. Typically, when a new venture is started, it should be based on hard research and analysis but since KG is its first kind, Studio 8 production & records didn’t have the luxury of laying hands on any data of previous records however despite this barrier, they have been able to give Tamil hip hop music a higher degree of significance.