Jeeva : Biography

Birth Name:Amar Choudary
Born : January 4, 1984,Chennai, India
Other name(s) : Amar
Occupation: Actor
Spouse(s): Supriya


Jeeva was born as Amar Choudary on 4th January 1984 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is originally from Rajasthan. His father is R.B.Choudary, a movie producer. Jeeva has three brothers – B.Suresh, a producer; Githan Ramesh, an actor and Jeevan, a businessman.


He started his career as a child actor in two of his father's productions. His debut film as a male lead was Aasai Aasaiyai, produced by father's company. The movies Thittikudhey and Raam followed, the latter being a major financial success. It was screened at Indian Panorama and later at the Cyprus International Film Festival, where it won two awards - the Best Actor award for Jiiva and the Best Musical Score Award for its music director, Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Later on Jiiva appeared in other hit films such as Aran where he acted alongside Mohanlal as an Indian army soldier. He also made his debut in Malayalam cinema with Keerthi Chakra, the original version of Aran. Jiiva's film E was also a critically acclaimed featured film.

His latest releases are Thenavettu and Siva Manasula Sakthi. The former is an action entertainer while the latter is a breezy romantic film. Sms (Siva Manasula Sakthi)is gathering quite a lot of momentum among public and probably Jiiva's biggest hit after Dishyum. He is also slated to act in a film titled Kudumi.