Vikram : Biography

Birth Name:John Kennedy
Born: April 17, 1966, Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Years active: 1990 - present
Spouse(s): Shylaja


The rise to the top has been slow and steady for this warm-hearted actor who truly deserves his super stardom.

After ten long years of struggle in the Tamil film industry with insignificant roles, there was no looking back for Chiyaan with his first blockbuster 'Sethu'. Reality left dreams far behind and what followed were commercial hits in Dhil, Dhool, Gemini, Saamy, Anniyan, Bheema as well as award winning performances in Kasi and Pithamagan. With sheer brilliance Vikram transcended the boundaries of the Tamil film Industry to become not only a South Indian star but a global Indian actor in a short span of 7 years.

As an actor, Vikram's greatest asset is his versatility; he has capably played diverse characters in every film. His awe-inspiring and versatile talent and looks have held an entire nation spellbound.

The winner of a National Award for Pithamagan, two State Awards and four Filmfare Awards, Vikram at heart is like any other normal guy, warm, friendly and affable who one would see walking his dog on the street, shopping at the mall or jogging on the beach. And that's precisely what makes Vikram, the man, the actor and the superstar so special.


Vikram began his career appearing in series of unsuccessful small budget films throughout the early 1990s. He made his film debut in En Kadhal Kanmani (1990). Following the failure of his early films, Vikram appeared as a dubbing artiste to prominent actors, whilst trying to find a breakthrough in terms of his acting career. After the critical and commercial success of Sethu (1999) he has been part of numerous other commercially successful films and has earned major critical acclaim for many of his performances. During his years in the Indian film industry, he has won three Filmfare Awards, as well as securing India's most prestigious film award, by achieving the National Film Award for Best Actor.

While some of Vikram's best-known films, Dhill (2001), Dhool (2002), Gemini (2002) and Saamy (2003), remain some of Tamil cinema's biggest hits, performances in films like Sethu (1999), Kasi (2002), Pithamagan (2003) and Anniyan (2005) have won him critical acclaims and awards, making Vikram one of the most successful actors of Tamil cinema.