Santhanam Biography

Birth Name:Santhanam
Occupation : Actor, Comedian
Years active : 2004 — present


Santhanam is a popular Tamil comedian and film actor in Kollywood. He has appeared in a whole range of films mostly as a friendly comedian. His fame started off in the television programme Lollu Sabha and popularity from the small screen level brought him to silver screen. He debuted in Manmadhan in 2004 and later appeared in several comedy and drama films. His acting style is very similar to the veteran comedian Goundamani.

He has been getting offers to play lead roles but then the smart Santhanam seems to be wary of accepting them as of now. 'I somehow feel I had played the protagonist pretty quickly in my career. I would like to cement my place in the industry and then experiment. I have no plans of playing hero in the near future,' he says.