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Enga Area 031 is an 2009 Rap album produced under the banner of RH Crew.It has 8 tracks.Robin, Siva ,Hari and Ajay put their efforts to hit the album.The songs are good to hear...

Cast and Crew:

Bannar : RH Crew
Artist : Robin, Siva, Hari, Ajay
Lyrics : Ajay. Hari[English Rap]
Productions : Robin, Hari, Siva far Black Fiction
Mixed & Mastered : Christo Peiris, Gihen Nishan at Music Village
Concept & Developed : Rare House


Idhu Pudhusu | Robin, Siva, Hari
Kadhale | Hari, Robin, Siva
Iyoo | Siva, Robin, Hari, Ajay
Mudhal Kadhal | Hari, Robin
Enga Area | Robin, Siva, HAri
Penne Naan | Hari, Robin, Siva
Yethu | Robin. Hari
Idhu Pudhusu | Dj Mix ANR